Three topics plus some ramble …

The book – ‘Cry Havoc’ ( – order your copy now on Amazon – comes out 5th OCT ) …. That’s at the top of the agenda, and the first topic of today’s BLOG post.

Second up: What do I think about Libya and Syria.

Third: policing the inner city …… – so: ‘ …fools [do] rush in where angels fear to tread …’

….. while all of the above – please understand – have to remain bland. It’s part of the process. Give too much away and the book (and possible serialization) won’t do so well. So I’m told.

In the meantime I am in Tatler, October and September, with a photo in each. In the old days, when I was a Scots Guards officer (non swanks) that would have been expensive. A case of champagne each time. To be swigged by my dear brother officers. What a rough business it was.

‘Non swanks’ was one of the pet jokes of dear old Colonel Sir David Stirling. He was the founder of the SAS and a Colditz old boy and much else …. He was also my friend and mentor. It was David who proposed me as a member of White’s Club. He had to say non-swanks often: he had plenty to swank about, but was modest.

In the October Tatler there’s my photo: with Tim Spicer and David Stirling. All three Scots Guards.

‘Cry Havoc’ (– order your copy now on Amazon – comes out 5th OCT –) is proving to be a trial of patience. Having won the copy edit battle, whereby the changes they wanted to make were mostly rejected, we are into the legals ….. and that’s despite everything having been said and discussed at my trial in an open court of law in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea (IE qualified privilege) …. and despite the rooms and boxes full of evidence that are now legally in my possession …

‘Cry Havoc’ ( – order your copy now on Amazon – comes out 5th OCT – ) is still hard work.


How wonderful. I am happy for the people of Libya. I congratulate them on having won their freedom, however rocky the road ahead. Anyone who doubts the overriding need to be free hasn’t had to live under tyranny.

Tyranny is assault. That is in English Common Law back to the 17th C, Sir William Blackstone. Tyranny is assault, and therefore can be fought off. Tyranny is assault, and therefore – on behalf of those in peril – can be fought against.

Check out the old British Army Northern Ireland Yellow Card: entirely based on Common Law. You can shoot someone assaulting another person, if that I sthe only way to stop death or serious injury.

Tyranny is assault. To do nothing about tyranny is to walk past a mugging.


Same detail.

Policing the inner city

What’s my qualification to write about that? Three years in Northern Ireland with the said British Army. Over the years we became better at it.

Firstly, you have to do foot patrols. That’s Bobby’s on the beat, ON FOOT. Nothing else comes close to exercising proper control over an area or a bunch of people. As the situation worsens the minimum number for each patrol goes up.

In Belfast it was often two eight man patrols working together. That’s one outfit carrying out one patrol.

Secondly: no NO_GO areas. Once they come into being then the Security Forces are on a hiding to nothing. For that reason we used to go into every Pub & Club almost every night. If we hadn’t done that then – whenever we did go into one – would have turned into a riot.

Thirdly: the hovering helicopter watching over the scene. The bad guys don’t know how good or bad the technology is. It is a psychological threat at all times. If the shooting is going to start then the gunman has one tght uppermost: his escape after the shot. That’s why you patrol in bricks. The sound of a helicopter overhead will always put that escape into doubt.

….and – to wind up: The book – ‘Cry Havoc’ ( – order your copy now on Amazon – ) comes out 5th OCT.

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