Giving birth …

This is how it must feel to give birth. The book – Cry Havoc (publishing date 5th OCT 2011, by John Blake Ltd) rushes towards its due date. All I will feel as Mother is relief. The legal issues go on, as do the copy editor’s likes and dislikes, but the due date ticks closer day by day. Thank God.

Thinking that PR and promotion would be everything at this time was wrong. For the sake of serialization my campaign of silence will carry on. As when dealing with the censors in Chikurubi Max’s security section, ‘Bland must be Bland’.

Amazing to think that much of Cry Havoc was written back there in Chikurubi in 2005 … 2004 even.

So much to learn too. How does a book find its way to the US for example. There are two quite different ways that can happen, it seems. Then there is the e-book, for Kindle, the possibility of a Digi-book (a different animal), and the audio book (that I am going to read out myself …. Why give someone else the fun?)

Then there are the exotic places: Interpreters please! China Russia Japan … Maybe some good trips there?

Meanwhile I Twitter away (@CaptSFM). I enjoy it.

Great trip to New York this last week (week of 22 AUG) to meet a possible screenplay writer for a possible movie. The writer was great, and the week a success …. apart from the earthquake on Tuesday lunchtime (clearly felt) and the Hurricane Irene warnings by the time we left, Friday.

We stayed at the Soho Gran, 310 West Broadway. Very good. Amanda took off on Wednesday to stay with friends on Nantucket. We met up back at JFK for our Virgin flight home. Also very good.

Writing this I am in Newquay with Freddy (15) and Arthur (6). It’s the last blast of the summer hols so we hope that Irene or somebody can kick a good swell our way. I’ve warned the boys: come publication day (5th OCT) life will change. Busier. More public.

Next week is back to work. Finish the maps and photos for Cry Havoc, if we go with maps or photos at all, and agree the final proofs. It’s also back to work for the security consultancy that I have started – with a top line and heavily backed security start up.

It maybe that my future lies in books and movies, but even if it does it still makes sense to keep my hand in with the security / Private Military Company game. From the look of things we might get work on the UK streets coming up soon.

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