The book moves on …

Cry Havoc is now the book title. The publication date is 5th October 2011. It’s already there, on Amazon. At this point the book is undergoing a legal review by the publisher’s lawyers. That’s no joke, given the wish amongst a few powerful and wealthy people that this book never sees the light of day.

Luckily, I have plenty of friends, and stuff – mostly paperwork – that back up what I have to say.

Other than deal with the lawyers I am putting together photos and pictures. (Tricky, as I have spent most of my life avoiding cameras). ┬áThen there are the maps. I hate books that talk of places without telling the reader where to find them. I have always loved maps. An army nickname of mine was ‘Maps Mann’ … so, I want the maps to be good.

With my son Freddy (who wanted to learn how to stand-up surf) I had an amazing trip to Santa Monica and then Hollywood. There, I expected that – while they would like my story – they would say that it lacked an American angle. That wasn’t the case. I met great enthusiasm … so … time will tell if all that energy leads to a feature movie.

Back here in the UK I have a lot of interest in TV documentaries of various sorts and – of course – computer games.

Mixed in with all this I am doing some security / Private Military Company (PMC) work. It is gentle. It is all UK based consultancy. It is also interesting, and fun to see how the landscape has changed, since I was arrested back in March 2004.

The press reported that I am doing security consultancy on the payroll of President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea. Not true. I have been helping the EG government authorities with their investigations into the attempted coup plot, just as I have been helping those of the UK government. Scotland Yard.

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