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Working on my book – as yet without a title – I am entering the www arena: facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, my web site, this blog.

Why? Because I must give to what I want to say in the book, and what I want to say about similar issues, as good an airing as possible. These www applications allow such an airing to be bigger and better.

The working title of the book is still ‘Cry Havoc’, chosen over many others: ‘Man Trap’ ‘Fortune of War’ etc. ‘What a Cock Up !’ – I’m told – just won’t work. John Blake Publishing Ltd are the publisher. I’m working with them on the title, and on the book.

Writing this is tough. The target publication date is 3 October this year (2011) and that means the first week in June is the effective deadline. Horribly close. In this case the work is editing – and pushing a quart into a pint pot. I have written more than 200,000 words already. 150,000 of those were written while in Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.

When asked what sort of book I want it to be, as I have been by the publishers, I say that I want to write a book that is entertaining and – although it will tick the biographical boxes – is as close to being an adventure thriller as an autobiog can be.  For example: my five years at Eton are dealt with in one paragraph.

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